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Large LCD TV Stand Instructions

1. Take the two Screen arms and with the locking bolts pointing towards the bottom of the screen, place over the mount points on the Screen. 

2. Using parts D-M select the correct mounting screws and washer for your screen.

3. Tigten up screen bolts but ensure that the bolts do not go too far into the screen so avoiding damaging the internal parts of the screen.

4. Open tripod legs of stand and place on level ground

5. Lift the screen on the large mounting plate on top of the tripod stand.

6. Slide the screen from left to right to centralise the screen.

7. Tighten up the bolts on the bottom of the screen arm to secure the screen.

8. The height of the stand can now be adjusted but it’s recommended that you set the screen height with the locking pin taking the load, then tighten up the large thumb bolt.

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